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Why Ecommerce Success Starts With Product Information | Widen, an Aquia company | Open mic

Despite the convenience and ease that online shopping brings to consumers, it’s a damn tough space for brands. There is a ton of competition. Customer expectations are high. And brands face the monumental challenge of bringing their products and customer experiences to life in a space that is increasingly difficult to connect and communicate with audiences.

In digital environments, shoppers can’t pull a product off the shelf, feel its weight, and experience it the same way they can in a store. They rely on product information shared by a brand to help them understand what they’re buying and feel more confident about a purchase — and the brand itself.

In our Widen Connectivity 2021 report, we explore the role of product information in helping brands overcome e-commerce challenges to better communicate their offering, connect with customers in meaningful ways, and ultimately succeed on the market. the digital shelf. Today, we’re going to dive into the first of our report’s five findings and discuss exactly what we mean by the term “product information.”

What is product information?

Product information is an overarching category that includes three types of information: product data, product marketing content, and product digital assets. While these three types of product information help brands describe and market their products, they are one of a kind. The following graphic illustrates their relationship and provides examples of what differentiates one type of product information from another.

According to our connectivity research, 81% of brands “always” or “usually” use product information in their e-commerce marketing efforts. The first of our five connectivity findings shed light on a few reasons for its popularity. Download our full report now for the entire floor, or keep reading for a closer look at find number one.

Fact #1: Product data is key to building customer trust, but it can’t do it alone

Trust is a necessary component of a brand’s ability to connect with its customers and drive online sales. According to a recent Edelman report, 70% of consumers even go so far as to say that trust is most important today than ever before. And it shows. Our research reveals that over 87% of marketers believe it’s important to know that customers trust their marketing efforts.

So how do brands earn that trust? According to our research, product information plays a vital role. Specifically, nearly 50% of marketers we surveyed say that product data (more than any other type of information) has the the biggest impact on customer confidence. Product data, whether it’s information about a product’s dimensions, colors, or materials, helps align customer expectations with what they get. If you provide inaccurate product data, a brand could lose a customer’s trust forever.

That said, we’ve also learned that marketers can’t only rely on product data. All three types of product information play an important role in establishing customer trust. And when it comes to turning trust into sales, 72% of survey participants say product digital assets and product marketing content are the most influential types of information.

Brands can certainly leverage one type of product information without another; It happens all the time. But where the real power lies in brands that leverage all three types of product information together. After all, what could be more impactful? An Amazon listing with a single product image and some product information? Or a product that includes comprehensive product details, videos and images highlighting how a product works, and product descriptions that move and motivate the buyer? Ecommerce shoppers have no shortage of options. Often, the most engaging, informative, and reliable experience wins.

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When used to its full potential, product information can help brands deepen their relationships with audiences and succeed on the digital shelf.

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By Nate Holmes, product marketing manager at Widen