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Waite Park Town Council will discuss the ordinance on the sale of THC products on Monday evening

(KNSI) – On Monday evening, Waite Park City Council will discuss a draft ordinance allowing the sale of hemp-derived THC products.

The ordinance is expected to mirror the one passed by St. Cloud City Council at its September 12 meeting.

Under the proposed order, businesses must be licensed, applications would be reviewed by the city and the police chief, and there would be an application fee. Dispensaries should renew their licenses annually and be subject to compliance checks. Pop-up shops, self-service kiosks or vending machines, free samples, and issuing coupons or discounts would not be permitted. Products must be sold in child-resistant packaging and clearly marked as THC edible. The packaging may not resemble cartoon characters, imitate toys or other brands sold to children, or resemble branded, characteristic or specialty packaging in a commercially available food product. The order would also limit sales between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Violations would result in a $300 fine for the first, a $600 fine and 30-day license suspension for the second within 36 months, and the third violation in 36 months would be a $1,000 fine and revocation of permits. A violation within the time limit of a license suspension would also cost a provider its license.

The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m.

St. Cloud has become one of the first towns in Minnesota to approve an ordinance regulating and allowing the sale of THC edibles.

Hemp-derived THC products became legal in Minnesota on July 1, but the law contained no regulations for their sales, leading many cities to issue moratoriums until ordinances could be written.


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