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Top-Ranked Product Information Management Vendors for Optimizing Product Management and Delivery, According to Data from SoftwareReviews

Product Information Management (PIM) software provides a single platform to store, manage and distribute various product information and descriptions, technical specifications, images and other relevant digital assets. PIM software is used by companies with a large catalog of rapidly changing products. PIM software enables the delivery of detailed catalog information across different distribution channels

During the pandemic, businesses needed to go digital because there was less foot traffic in physical stores and service-providing workplaces. Product and service providers have chosen to increase their digital presence during this time. Today, almost every business has digital assets that go through all eleven stages of a product’s lifecycle. Throughout this cycle, many categories of data need to be maintained and processed, starting with product data, marketing data, marketing content, channel information, asset attributes, and more.

“Product information management should be an agile solution that streamlines the flow of product data between suppliers and buyers,” says Rahul Jaiswal, senior research director at Info-Tech Research Group and PIM expert at SoftwareReviews. “To prepare for the metaverse, companies need to optimize their data feeds and ensure consistent product content across all channels. There are myriad e-commerce channels available today, but without a consolidated approach, data management Product across these channels will be challenging.A strategy that enables cross-platform operations, automated monitoring and tracking, integrated systems, and end-to-end data visibility is needed more than ever.

In order to keep up with fast-paced trends in product management and delivery, organizations need to invest in best-in-class product information management software. This will help product managers launch products faster and seamlessly, maintain their product website content, build product profiles and catalogs, and build approval workflows. »

The top product information management software vendors for 2022 have been identified based on verified survey data collected from 277 end-user reviews. These vendors received high scores in the Data Quadrant from SoftwareReviews.

Suppliers are ranked by a composite satisfaction score, called the Composite Score (CS), which averages four different rating domains: Net Emotional Footprint, Supplier Capabilities, Product Features, and Likelihood to Recommend.

The 2022 Product Information Management The software gold medalists are as follows:

  • Salsify, 8.4CSranked high for availability and quality of training.
  • Akeneo, 8.4CSranked high for data export.
  • Plytic, 8.3CSranked high for advanced search and filtering.
  • pimcore, 8.3 SC, rated high for ease of integration.

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