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SpecialChem and Agilis announce the launch of ionicPIM

PARIS, October 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Agilis, a provider of digital commerce solutions for the chemical industry, and SpecialChem, the world’s largest materials selection platform, today announce their partnership to bring to market a product information management system ( PIM) cloud-based, designed specifically for the chemical industry.

A PIM is a digital platform that companies use to centralize, organize and distribute product information. The new product, ionicPIM, is designed for chemical producers and distributors, helping them maintain a single source for all product data and documentation. ionicPIM is preconfigured for chemicals, so it’s easy to implement and adopt. It also allows producers and distributors to connect their PIMs to share product information.

“The chemical industry is unique,” says Jay Bhatia, Founder and CEO of Agilis. “A product can be used in multiple industries and applications; and customers in each market want to see a different set of data. It is essential that chemical suppliers can create and manage these variations in one place and share the most information up-to-date products with people inside and outside their organizations, with various IT systems, while controlling access through role-based permissions. ionicPIM is equipped with all the basic features of a state-of-the-art PIM system, as well as a set of specialized features for the chemical industry, such as industry nomenclature, multi-industry product views, templates integrated chemical data, etc.

“The complexity and volume of product information in the chemical industry is growing exponentially,” says Christophe Cabarry, Founder and CEO of SpecialChem. “Suppliers are required to provide comprehensive documentation to comply with HSE regulations, while buyers expect convenient self-service options to access product data through digital channels. SpecialChem has been managing the world’s largest online catalog of commercial chemicals for over 20 years.ionicPIM is offered as a SaaS solution and data entered by vendors into their ionicPIM instance remains their 100% property and control,” adds Cabarry. “Plus, you don’t need to be an Agilis or SpecialChem customer to use ionicPIM.”

SpecialChem and Agilis Commerce were founded by seasoned industry professionals with prior experience with leading companies like Arkema and BASF. Both companies share a mission to bring modern digital buying, selling, promotion and information management practices to the chemical industry.

ionicPIM is currently in a pilot phase, being tested by several global producers and distributors, with full availability expected in January 2023.

SOURCEAgilis Commerce Inc