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Sale of Stockton Lane products raises £20,000 for charity

A DEDICATED Grappenhall woman has raised over £20,000 for charity by selling produce outside her home.

For just over two years, Madeleine Holder has been selling a range of goods on a table outside her Stockton Lane home.

Ranging from home canned food to plants to handmade face masks, Madeleine’s products have been a hit and she has been able to raise an incredible amount of money for CARE UK and Refugee Support EU.

It all started when lockdown hit and Madeleine Holder started selling plants.

Madeleine’s brother and sister-in-law would visit her on the way back from Scotland and she would give them tomato plants, but due to the 2020 pandemic she was left with an excess of seeds.

Her brother suggested that she supply the community – which she did.

Madeleine started growing various plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes and she put them outside to see if anyone bought them.

“It kind of grew from there,” said Madeleine, a retired social worker.

There is an honesty box which is left on the table outside for customers to leave their money before taking the products.

Madeleine made around 3,500 face masks

When the face mask rule was then introduced, the talented seamstress then started making the products. And by the time the rule was relaxed, Madeleine had made around 3,500 face masks.

She said, “I could do them in my sleep now.

“It seemed like a good way to keep me busy.

“There’s only so many times you need to paint the shed and clean the house and I like gardening and sewing anyway – so it took off from there.”

Now, Madeleine has moved on to making preserves, namely jams, curds and chutneys.

All homemade with fresh ingredients, the preserves have been well received by customers, allowing Madeleine to continue raising vital funds.

The project has also allowed Madeleine to connect with members of the community, whether it’s a friendly chat or residents dropping off items such as jam jars, plants or plant patches.

Speaking about raising the £20,000, Madeleine said: “I’m really delighted and it’s really good that people have gotten involved to help me do this.”

Warrington Guardian: The goods outside Madeleine's houseThe products outside Madeleine’s house

Madeleine chose to donate most of the money to CARE UK and Refugee Support EU as they are two charities she has been involved with quite closely since their early days.

CARE UK has a sorting center in the Cockhedge Shopping Center and helps the most vulnerable families and refugees in the city.

He sent more than 50 containers of supplies to refugees abroad, and Madeleine herself traveled several times to Greece and Cyprus to work in refugee camps and community centers.

And Refugee Support EU helps refugees provide the communities that “host” them with much-needed material support.