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New World No product information found Failed to initialize game error fix

One of the errors that New world that players encounter displays a message stating “No product information found, unable to initialize game”. This unrecoverable error will prevent players from launching New World, and pressing “OK” will immediately bring them back to the desktop. Fortunately, there are fixes for the No product information found error, but many gamers will not be happy with the solution.

How to Fix “No Product Information Found, Unable to Initialize Game” Fatal Error in New World

To fix the No product information found in New World error, players should update to Windows 10 or later. New World is one of the few games to completely drop support for Windows 7 and 8. Unlike queuing issues or connection failure errors, attempting to launch the title on these systems exploitation will cause a fatal error and it won’t even try to initialize.

While OS compatibility is the main cause of this issue, there are other fixes that players say work. First, those who purchased the game from Amazon need to make sure their Steam and Amazon accounts are linked. Players should have linked accounts to download New World in the first place, but it’s possible they were unlinked in the meantime.

If EasyAntiCheat fails to initialize, the Unrecognized Product error may also occur. If a user has disabled it for some reason, they should ensure that it is installed and configured to launch as usual. If not, restarting the computer or uninstalling and reinstalling the game may resolve the issue.

Some players have also reported that connecting to the internet via IPv6 can also cause this problem. Users can disable it through network and internet settings. However, users should not dig here if they are unsure of what they are doing. Changing the settings in these menus can prevent a user’s computer from connecting to a network or the Internet, adding another layer of problems to the stack.