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Banked: Website for financial product information and offers to help Kiwis make better choices

Banked, a new website aimed at helping New Zealanders make better financial decisions has been launched.

The new website publishes in-depth, unbiased guides to a range of personal finance topics, including insurance, credit cards, loans, and more. Banked also features the latest offers and promotions in one place, saving Kiwis time and helping them choose the right financial products and services for their needs.

The New Zealand-based website is committed to providing complete and objective information which is reviewed and updated whenever things change. Guides and reviews explore the good and bad sides of each subject in a comprehensive and balanced approach.

At launch, the Banked team is exploring 3 key areas of personal finance:

  • Car insurance:
    including a comparison of all major New Zealand car insurers, the best ways to save on cover and how to get the best deal as a driver under 25.
  • Credit card: including a comparison of the best Airpoints, interest-free and balance transfer credit cards, and a comprehensive guide to managing credit cards.
  • Loans:
    including how to identify the right personal, auto or business loan, and what to avoid when researching loans, and what to do if you are unable to meet loan repayments.

Banked does not provide financial advice or recommend particular products or services. Instead, the mission of the website is to provide its users with all the relevant information and data they need to make the right choice based on their personal circumstances.

Visit the Banked website.

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