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Amber Engine democratizes product information management

Amber Engine is a SaaS company that offers brands simplified product data management.

Product data has been around since there were product catalogs. However, the types of data that brand manufacturers manage for catalogs has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. The requirements for managing this data have changed accordingly.

To survive in today’s market, brands spend hundreds of hours manually managing product data. This manifests in an organization with multiple product data spreadsheets, each with hundreds or thousands of SKUs, with each file managed with manual data entry. Each department had their product data spreadsheet, and each sales channel requires a new spreadsheet to fit their model.

Now: Independence from the brand manufacturer

Brands have been tied to this manual, error-ridden process ever since “multi-channel” became part of the manufacturers’ business model. These same brands searched for a better solution, but few solutions kept up with the evolution of the market.

With Product Information Software (PIM) from Amber Engine and their recent acquisition by Material Bank, brands can focus on growing their business without dirty data and inefficient spreadsheets.

Nate Svoboda, Product Marketing Lead at Amber Engine, defines the “democratization” of product information management:

“Product information management tools aren’t new, but managing them is massively IT-intensive,” says Svoboda. “PIM costs were often unjustifiable for midsize brands, despite facing the same challenges as large enterprises. By democratizing PIM, we empower brands of all sizes to accelerate their business with better product data. »

Amber Engine’s PIM is cloud-based to foster collaboration no matter where a team is; it supports in-app optimizations with built-in tools to filter, search, save, and even assess data quality; and it is quick to implement and easy to adopt.

Amber Engine is at the forefront of the industry and has opened a window into the next generation of commerce.

Recent strategic initiative

Amber Engine is part of the Material Bank family. Together they worked to integrate a version of the PIM into the Material Bank platform to support their large network of brand manufacturers.

Learn more about PIM on the Amber Engine website

If you have any questions about Amber Engine, their integration with Material Bank, or PIM more generally, feel free to contact Nate Svoboda directly!

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